World of Tanks Hack / Bot – 2013

By | January 30, 2013

Hi HackThatGame!

This is a new release, World of  Tanks Bot 2013! Yeah, it is on and fully working!

You are playing world of tanks and you want to make xp faster? This is the right tool! You can use it to do a lot of stuff ;)

It looks like this:


========= Some Features:

+ Fully undetected!

- You will not get banned! They can’t detect you using hacks…

+ Auto Research

- if you check this, it will research automaticaly your tanks upgrades.

+ Auto Repair

- if your tank is damaged it will fix it.

+ Auto Upgrade

- this is a great feature, you can check a tank that you want to get and let this boot to do your work, when will reach that tank, will stop.

+ Reload Speed

- will speed up a little your tank reload speed, not like a machine gun, but fast enough to take advantage in game.

+ Sniper Mode

- it will hide it behind the tree and kill inamic tanks

+ XP Mode

- will use your tanks only to earn xp.

+ Ghost Mode

- will hide and wait for the final of the game to earn xp, you will get almost -50% detection while not moving!

+ Target Aim 

- will help you a lot to lock targets or to hit moving targets

and more…



How to download?


Share this post on your facebook wall, and ask your friends to give you 10 likes, then send your post link or a print screen with your wall at and you will recive a direct download link for this hack.

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