[Release] Aion Rajin’s Multihack

By | February 17, 2012



  • No Animation
  • Speedhack (Pserver only)
  • Rangehack (Pserver only)
  • No Flight Cooldown Hack
  • Unlimited Flight Time Hack (not sure if works on retail)
  • Teleport to Target (Pserver only)

Not all, but some, Features work also on IA.


o get an Account to use this program visit http://adf.ly/5ZSu9
EDIT: as there are sometimes DOS attacks on this domain try one of those if you cannot reach the site: 

Here is VirusTotal
It shows one HackTool/Win32.Kiser.gen, I guess that is because of .Net Reactor (google it  ), but it is for sure no virus 

Für Spieler auf INPANIC-Community.de: 
Entweder ihr startet ohne Launcher (empfehlenswert, ist ein Datensammler)
oder ihr benennt den Hack auf zb “iexplorer” um.
Die haben ein “Hackshield” das prozessnamen durchsucht 
Aber natürlich nicht mehr als dass ^^

It should work on all Aion 2.5 Versions.

Extract the 2 files and put the in any folder (eg.: Desktop/AionHack).
Then just start the executable.

What do I need to use it?
Install .NET framework 4.0, then everything should work 
If it does not, try starting as administrator (win7/vista)
There may be a high CPU – Usage, I’ll try to fix that in next version.


DOWNLOAD: http://adf.ly/5ZT6f   

MIRROR: http://adf.ly/5ZT88

How to download?


Share this post on your facebook wall, and ask your friends to give you 10 likes, then send your post link or a print screen with your wall at admin@hackthatgame.com and you will recive a direct download link for this hack.

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