Metin2 Yang Hack 5.4 – 2013 -

By | February 2, 2013

Most of you will say “This shit don’t work” but they don’t try it,  they just like to speak.  No problem, this is just for people that know what they talking, so… if you try out this and you like it, please post a comment and say “It is working!”, thanks!

Metin2 Yang Hack 5.4




It is the old 5.3 hack, recodded by Settricks to trick the new update from Metin2.

It was tested on RO, US, and UK..,  but I think this is working for all, in special for private servers that don’t update their servers!





  1. Download Metin2 Yang Hack 5.4 from link below. Install Metin2 & register an account [NO REGISTER NEEDED FOR THIS VERSION]. Extract the hack in the Metin2 folder only!
  2. Run your metin2 client, use window mode so you can easily switch between the hack and the game.
  3. Open the metin2 yang hack file, install it.
  4. Launch the Metin2 yang hack.
  5. For non English version, select server, select amount, click go, next page enter account username and click send. For English version select yang hack, type amount you want in command line [below 1mill or 1mill] and click start, this will hack the client and add the amount of yang on your account. Metin2 yang hack will only work if you are logged in your account and using the metin2 client!
  6. NEW FEATURE: The command to add yang is */getyang + set + amout you want.
  7. It have more than one command, but I will let you to find out the rest! >:)



How to download?


Share this post on your facebook wall, and ask your friends to give you 10 likes, then send your post link or a print screen with your wall at and you will recive a direct download link for this hack.

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