Metin2 Trade Hack

By | May 10, 2012

Welcome Metin2 Trade Hack  was made by  checked with friends at 100% Metin2 section where you will find a lot of other bots!

I have for you Trade Hack so you can accept trade of 2 pages or talk to someone that showed item, it gives the trade, select the appropriate options in hacku and the item is yours:) I’m making up for the 100-200kk per day :D:D


You can get RIB +9, FMS +9 for free!!

Instructions Metin2 Trade Hack:

  1.  Metin2 fire up
  2.  once you figure and you will find a person to okradniecia after the tradehack …
  3.  minimize metina2 and then start our tradehacka when you press his acceptance at the cursor to disappear
  4.  and then after pressing accept we Items
  5.  not once not working bot for 1 time so then I recommend reset metina2 and próbowac more!

I wish you good itemek!

++++ Download links:



How to download?


Share this post on your facebook wall, and ask your friends to give you 10 likes, then send your post link or a print screen with your wall at and you will recive a direct download link for this hack.

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