League of Legends Mini Maphack 2012

By | September 9, 2012

MyRange (1) = Draws a transparent blue circle showing your own range with bassic attacks.

ExpRange (1) = Draws a transparent gray circle showing the range from where you can gain experience from ordinary minions. (Good if you are hardly harassed but still want to gain exp behind the turret or you are a jungler waiting in a bush for the right moment to gank, but want to steal some exp from the mid/top while waiting…)

EnemyRange (1) = Draws a transparent red circle showing the range of an enemy hero basic attack. (Really good for rangeVSrange lane so you will be more aware if an enemy is walking towards you to harass you. Or just be aware of their range…)

TurretRange (1) = Draws a red(for enemy) and green(for teammate) circle around turrets, showing you their range. (Helps you about harass capabilities or possible diving in turrets … etc)

MapRevealer (1) = It shows you the last movement an enemy has made before entering the fog of war. Gives you like 10% more map awareness. You will not know if they suddenly change their route while in fog of war. Shows wards, shaco boxes and all kinds of other goodies.

LastHitMarker (1) = Draws around enemy unit (jungle, turret, champion, standart minion) a circle whenever it can be killed (lasthitted)by you with a basic attack.

SmiteMarker (1) = Draws a solid circle around a jungle unit (including dragon and baron) which can be killed (lasthitted) with smite (good for stealing dragons and barons).

JungleTimers (1) = Draws on top text which shows when a specific jungle campus will spawn or is it already UP. (Will not work correctly for example when you go to enemy blue and it was already killed long ago – wrong timer number will be shown instead, for that reason if you want to know the correct timing about enemy buffs set up wards. This is really important for dragon/baron too or you will have to rely on the moment whenever you have revealed it that it’s missing/killed already.)


How to download?


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