Grepolis Gold Hack v2.1b

By | June 16, 2012

About Grepolis

Grepolis is a 2D browser based strategy MMO set in Ancient Greece. Grepolis allows players to build their own classical city, complete with a Senate Building and to raise armies consisting of land, naval, and even mythological troops!

Grepolis is a browser based strategy game set in Ancient Greece. Players start with a tiny ‘polis’ or city and must build it up into a thriving Aegean metropolis. All player controlled cities start near the coast of one of the many islands that populate the world. More inland towns are NPC controlled Farming Villages that can be pillaged by surrounding players. There are three key resources in Grepolis, Wood, Rock, and Silver which are all generated at different buildings. Farms are also required to increase your city’s population and warehouses increase the cap of resources players can store. After getting their economies set up, players must train land troops, ships, and even mythological creatures to defend themselves from aggressors in this open PvP environment.

Grepolis is a strategy game with simple gameplay elements. It groups players onto small islands with access to shared resources, and provides the platform for player cooperation and conflict. The graphics and animations are sleek but weaker than those on offer by competitors. With no quests to complete or heroes to level up, Grepolis is a much more ‘pure’ strategy game. If that’s what you’re after, Grepolis makes a fine choice.

Grepolis Gold Hack:



  1. Download;
  2. Unzip;
  3. Run Grepolis Gold Hack.exe;
  4. Log in;
  5. Enter your gold amount;
  6. Press start;
  7. Check your game.

How to download?


Share this post on your facebook wall, and ask your friends to give you 10 likes, then send your post link or a print screen with your wall at and you will recive a direct download link for this hack.

5 thoughts on “Grepolis Gold Hack v2.1b

  1. RoudTree

    Awasome!!!! It realy works :x thank you!!!

    ps: I get banned, do not use your main account with this!

  2. Clever

    If you don’t want to get banned don’t add 99999 gold, add just how much you need, for example 1000 gold and use it, then another 1000… and so on ;)

    on: The hack it’s working ;)

  3. Too much gold

    Admin, please help me!!!!
    I used Grepolis Gold Hack and added 99999, I DON”T WANNA GET BANNED???

  4. Admin

    @toomuchgold, I don’t play Grepolis so I don’t know what to do, try to send to someone your gold.

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